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28 Jun 16

Building a cross-border territorial strategy between four countries: wishful thinking?

Authors: DECOVILLE Antoine, DURAND Frédéric.

Online First: 24/06/2016


Abstract: Since 2010 and the launch of the METROBORDER project, funded by ESPON, Luxembourg and the neighbouring regions in Belgium, France and Germany have pursued the objective of creating a cross-border polycentric metropolitan region. In order to achieve this goal, the political actors have decided to elaborate a crossborder territorial strategy to bring more coherence and cohesion to a cross-border region characterized by its strong functional integration, due to the very high number of cross-border commuters. This paper reflects the approach that we have followed, as external advisors, to animate the debate between the stakeholders and to provide evidence for the decision-making process. Its objective is to examine the content of this cross-border territorial strategy and to question whether such a strategy between four countries is at all possible, efficient and able to answer to challenges of cross-border integration. An analytical framework has been designed, taking into consideration different approaches of cross-border integration, in order to examine, in a critical way, the content of the cross-border strategy.

Reference: DECOVILLE Antoine, DURAND Frédéric. Building a cross-border territorial strategy between four countries: wishful thinking? European Planning Studies, 2016, vol. 24, n°10, pp. 1825-1843.

Cross-border territorial strategy,
Cross-border integration,
The Greater Region,
Cross-border governance

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