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07 Jun 19

How to Support Women Seniorpreneurs in Europe?

Authors: OMRANI Nessrine, MARTIN Ludivine.


There is a growing population of healthy older people with the skills, financial resources and time available to contribute to economic activity in Europe. The proportion of people over age 55 was 30% in 2010 in Europe and is expected to be approximately 37% by 2030. However, few older people are involved in entrepreneurship, particularly women. This chapter aims to summarize the current state regarding senior entrepreneurship in theory as well as praxis and to analyze the position of entrepreneurial activity of seniors in Europe. The profile of senior entrepreneurs according to gender, education and work experience will be studied. Results focus on what should policy do to promote business start-ups by older people. The results of this study lead us to propose policies, which would foster seniors’ entrepreneurial activities in Europe.

Reference: OMRANI Nessrine, MARTIN Ludivine. How to Support Women Seniorpreneurs in Europe? In: A. Maâlaoui (Ed.) Handbook of Research on Elderly Entrepreneurship. Springer International Publishing, 2019, pp. 139-151.

Work ageing,
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor