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Bertrand Verheyden is a researcher and Head of the Labour Market Department at LISER. He received his PhD in Economics at the University of Namur in May 2008. He is a public economist interested in the fields of Labour, Migration and Education. He produces normative analyses on important societal challenges such as the optimal provision of childcare and education, the international mobility of human capital and migrants’ integration. In order to do so, he develops empirically relevant microeconomic models that lead to testable implications and policy recommendations. He has published articles in journals such as the Journal of Public economics, the Journal of Development Economics the IZA Journal of Migration and the Journal of African Economies.


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  • DELPIERRE Matthieu, VERHEYDEN Bertrand. Remittances, savings and return migration under uncertainty. IZA Journal of Migration, 2014, vol. 3, n°22, 43 p.
  • DELPIERRE Matthieu, VERHEYDEN Bertrand. Student and worker mobility under university and government competition. Journal of Public Economics, 2014, n°110, pp. 26-41.
  • TENIKUE Michel, VERHEYDEN Bertrand. Birth Order and Schooling: Theory and Evidence from Twelve Sub-Saharan Countries. Journal of African Economies, 2010, vol. 19, n°4, pp. 459-495.


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