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Inclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion (InGRID)

The general objectives of the InGRID “FP7 Research Infrastructures Integrating Activities” project (16 partners, Coordination : HIVA-K.U.LEUVEN) are to integrate and to innovate existing, but distributed European social sciences research infrastructures on “Poverty and living conditions” and “Working conditions and vulnerability” by improving the transnational data access, organising mutual knowledge exchange activities and improving methods and tools for comparative research. CEPS/INSTEAD organizes throughout the duration of the project (2013-2016) several Summer schools on “Advanced poverty research” and about “EUROMOD-related training (linkage of EUROMOD to dynamic microsimulation models)”. It also participates in a strategic thinking about the future research infrastructure in Europe on poverty, working conditions and vulnerability. Finally, research visits by an individual user or user group that can go from 2 to 6 weeks are also implemented.

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01/02/2013 - 01/01/2017