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The role of the state in building sustainable financial centres: comparing London, Luxembourg and Singapore

This research investigates the role of the state in the process of enforcing institutions strategically designed to build the financial centre of the future. The three case studies London, Luxembourg and Singapore exemplify successful financial hubs, yet, each hub possesses highly distinct characteristics and specialisations that give them the necessary competitive edge. The varying roles of the state as a key actor in shaping the conditions for regional financial economies are investigated against the background of the perceived trade-off between promoting the (a certain kind of) financial industry to secure regional income, and enforcing tight rules to protect consumers while fearing to lose financial gains to global competitors.


DÖRRY Sabine.
Geoforum, 2017, vol. 85, pp. 1-4.
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01/11/2015 - 31/05/2016
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Sabine Dörry