04 May 20 | News

Congratulations! Three LISER researchers receive tenure

Join us in acknowledging Andrea Albanese, Antoine Paccoud and Veronique Van Acker for their career achievement.

The Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research is pleased to announce that Antoine Paccoud, Andrea Albanese and Veronique Van Acker (left to right in photo) were recently awarded tenure. Andrea will be a tenured researcher in the Labour Market Department while Antoine and Veronique will be tenured researchers in the Urban Development and Mobility Department. An international panel of experts who cited their numerous successes made the decision unanimously.

In their decision, they cited among other undertakings, their high-level publications (each listed below) their success in receiving several grants including obtaining an FNR CORE grant(Andrea), an FNR INTER grant (Veronique) and another FNR CORE grant(Antoine) for which they are all principle investigators.

Beyond academic accomplishments, the panel noted their important input towards Societal Impact. Indeed, it is their ability to translate research into policy relevant analysis and recommendations that will help make them leaders in their fields.

Andrea Albanese: scholarly research focuses on labour economics, causal analysis & policy evaluation, labour mobility, sports economics.
Publications considered for Andrea’s tenure:

1. Albanese, A. & Cockx, B., 2019. Permanent Wage Cost Subsidies for Older Workers. An Effective Tool for Increasing Working Time and Postponing Early Retirement? Labour Economics, 58, 145-166.

2. Albanese, A. & Gallo, G., 2020. Buy Flexible, Pay More: The Role of Temporary Contracts on Wage Inequality. Forthcoming in Labour Economics.

3. Baert, S., Albanese, A., du Gardein, S., Ovaere & Stappers, J., 2017. Does Work Experience Mitigate Discrimination? Economics Letters, 155, 35-38.

4. Albanese, A., Cappellari, L. & Leonardi, M., 2019. The Effects of Youth Labor Market Reforms: Evidence from Italian Apprenticeships. Forthcoming in Oxford Economic Papers.

5. Albanese, A., Cockx, B. & Thuy, Y., 2019. Working Time Reductions at the End of the Career. Do They Prolong the Time Spent in Employment? Forthcoming in Empirical Economics.

6. Albanese A., Baert S. & Verstraeten O., 2020. Twelve eyes see more than eight. Referee bias and the introduction of additional assistant referees in soccer. PLoS ONE, 15(2): e0227758 .

7. Albanese, A., Ghirelli, C. & Picchio M., 2020. Timed to Say Goodbye: Does Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Affect Worker Layoffs?. Forthcoming in Labour Economics.

Antoine Paccoud: scholarly research focuses on the social inequalities created through the ownership of land and housing, such as gentrification through the private rental sector or the impacts of the concentrated ownership of land on the shape of urban development.
Publications considered for Antoine’s tenure:

1. Paccoud, A., Niesseron, P., & Mace, A. (2020). The role of ethnic change in the closing of rent gaps through buy-to-let gentrification. Urban Geography, 1-16.

2. Paccoud, A. (2020). The top tail of the property wealth distribution and the production of the residential environment. International Journal of Housing Policy, 20(1), 100-119.

3. Paccoud, A. (2019). Badiou, Haussmann and Saint-Simon: opening spaces for the state and planning between ‘post-politics’ and urban insurgencies. Planning Theory, 18(3), 339-358.

4. Paccoud, A., & Mace, A. (2018). Tenure change in London’s suburbs: Spreading gentrification or suburban upscaling?. Urban Studies, 55(6), 1313-1328.

5. Paccoud, A. (2017). Buy-to-let gentrification: Extending social change through tenure shifts. Environment and Planning A, 49(4), 839-856.

6. Paccoud, A. (2016). Planning law, power, and practice: Haussmann in Paris (1853–1870). Planning perspectives, 31(3), 341-361.

Veronique Van Acker: scholarly research focuses on travel behaviour, mobility biographies, travel satisfaction, attitudes and lifestyles, and smart mobility.
Publications considered for Veronique’s tenure:

1. Van Acker, V., Kessels, R., Cuervo, D.P., Lannoo, S., Witlox, F. (2019) Preferences for long-distance coach transport: Evidence from a discrete choice experiment. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 132, 759-779.

2. Van Acker, V., Mulley, C., Ho, L. (2019) Impact of childhood experiences on public transport travel behaviour. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 130, 783-798.

3. De Vos, J., Schwanen, T., Van Acker, V., Witlox, F. (2019) Do satisfying walking and cycling trips result in more future trips with active travel modes? An exploratory study. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 13 (3), 180-196.

4. Pojani, D., Van Acker, V., Pojani, E. (2018) Cars as a status symbol: Youth attitudes toward sustainable transport in a post-socialist city. Transportation Research Part F: Psychology and Behaviour, 58, 210-227.

5. Zhang, J., Van Acker, V. (2017) Life-oriented travel behavior research: An overview. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 104, 167-178.