Domestic employment 1994-2022 | LISER

Domestic employment 1994-2022


People with a job in domestic employment in Luxembourg on the 31st of March of each year: including salaried workers ("statut unique") and the civil servants; excluding the unsalaried, unemployed and people not in domestic employment in Luxembourg (this field is different from the one used in the publications in which these indicators appear – domestic employment in the private sector - which explains the differences with the charts and tables above).


IGSS data (march of each year), calculations LISER.

In order to respect the protection of personal data, IGSS has used a specialized software to round numbers in order to insure additivity of the tables as much as possible. Real numbers are rounded up or down to the tens of units (but not necessarily to the closest ten) so as to reduce the risk of identification and disclosure.

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In 2022, 1.08% of workers in domestic employment were women aged 50: 0.44% were cross-border workers, 0.32% foreign residents and 0.32% Luxembourgish residents. That same year, women accounted for 41% of the workers in domestic employment.

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