Annual Report 2019


Aline Muller

The mission of the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research is to observe, analyse and anticipate societal changes. This report invites you on a journey to the heart of our mission. You will discover how we work on societal issues as a landscape seen from different angles. It is the complementary nature of the different perspectives and insights we shed on society that form a whole and make it so rich.

Through this report, you will explore how our researchers study and analyse the functioning, dysfunctions and dynamics of society from intersecting and complementary viewpoints, and how our work gives rise to a deep and precise understanding of our society.

You will also learn how we provide today's evidence and tomorrow's pathways to more effective, sustainable and inclusive public policies. The role of public research is to accompany society in its reflections and transitions in order to enable it to evolve.

In this report you will discover how Luxembourg in particular, thanks to the links that have been forged between society and research, can become a birthplace, at the heart of Europe, for innovative and sustainable societal transformations.

I wish you a wonderful journey through our profession, which we carry out with passion, rigour and commitment.