News | 19 Apr 19
Fifth Workshop on the Economics of Migration
Participants from over twelve countries exchanged research results in different fields of migration economics
Publications | 12 Apr 19
DyMH_LU: a simple tool for modelling and simulating the health status of the Luxembourgish elderly in the longer run.
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Publications | 09 Apr 19
Urban poverty: Theory and evidence from American cities.
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Publications | 05 Apr 19
Overcrowded Housing and Relationship Break-up.
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News | 12 Apr 19
Le coeur à coeur
Des chercheurs du LISER mettent en lumière les changements de comportement des patients face aux facteurs de risque de maladies cardiovasculaires. 
News | 09 Apr 19
LISER partners with ‘Smartwielen’ to better inform voters in Luxembourg
The tool allows users to find out which of the parties and candidates correspond best to their own political profile
Publications | 05 Apr 19
Working Time Reductions at the End of the Career. Do They Prolong the Time Spent in Employment?
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