LISER, Esch-Belval, Luxembourg | 26 Nov 19

Research Seminars Series

School Reforms in Germany and Firms’ Absorptive Capacity of Highly Educated Apprentices

with Gerard Pfann (Maastricht University)
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Lancement d’une enquête mobilité

Dans le cadre du projet Interreg MMUST, l’Allemagne, la Belgique, la France et le Luxembourg s’unissent pour améliorer les déplacements des habitants de la Grande Région.
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Call 26: Winter school ‘Causal mediation analysis and machine learning'

This winter school is part of the ’poverty and living conditions pillar’ of InGRID-2
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LISER, Esch-Belval, Luxembourg | 13 - 14 Feb 20

Call for papers: 1st LISER-IAB Conference on Digital Transformation and the Future of Work

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News | 19 Nov 19
Le LISER fête ses 30 ans !
Pour Aline Muller, CEO, la célébration des 30 ans du LISER est l’occasion de montrer comment la recherche publique en sciences sociales contribue à la construction de la société de demain.
Publications | 06 Nov 19
Symbolism Matters: The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization on Partnership Stability.
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Publications | 04 Nov 19
Deprivation of Women and Men Living in a Couple: Sharing or Unequal Division?
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Publications | 31 Oct 19
Understanding Senior Entrepreneur Behavior.
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News | 07 Nov 19
How will climate change affect future migration?
LISER researchers shed light in a presentation at Climate Migration Workshop
News | 05 Nov 19
LISER and the Bank of Lithuania decompose income inequality in Lithuania
The institutions have joined forces to assess the role of policy reforms and of changes in the structure of the labour market, economic returns and demographics in explaining the rise in household income inequality in Lithuania
Publications | 30 Oct 19
The top tail of the property wealth distribution and the production of the residential environment.
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