LISER has been funded by the EU to address the issue of urban health

Prof. Martin Dijst will coordinate a Marie Curie ITN (Innovative Training Networks) project that fosters new skills
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Relance de l'enquête sur la demande des consommateurs en produits alimentaires locaux

Du 23 février au 31 mars 2021, les ménages invités pourront s'exprimer sur leurs consommation et besoins en produits alimentaires locaux
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Luxembourg | 05 - 06 May 22

International conference: 'Cross-border work in Europe: regional practices and realities'

Proposals for presentations are open until 30 June 2021
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La COVID-19 sous l’angle de l’égalité des sexes: Taina Bofferding initie un projet de recherche avec le LISER

La crise liée à la COVID-19 affecte les femmes et les hommes de façon différente. Le ministère de l'Égalité entre les femmes et les hommes (MEGA) va analyser l'impact de la crise sur l'égalité à travers un projet de recherche approfondi réalisé par le LISER
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Annual Report 2019

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The impact of telework on the use of digital tools and digital skills in Luxembourg

A new LISER policy brief examines how the digitalisation of work imposed by telework has underlined the importance for employees to know how to use digital tools
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How bad will the Covid-19 second wave be for Luxembourg’s economy?

A newly published policy brief examines Luxembourg’s macroeconomic and epidemiological prospects for 2020-2021
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Webinar Series: Introduction to Administrative Data from Europe

Registrations are now open for the second of three webinars between January and March 2021
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Access to essential services for people on low incomes in Europe

Synthesis Report produced by the European Social Policy Network (ESPN)
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News | 05 Mar 21
New documentary theatre ‘Les Frontalières’ explores the phenomenon of cross-border work
LISER researcher, Christophe Sohn, participates in a hybrid project which intertwines culture and scientific research
Publications | 26 Feb 21
Cathal O’Donoghue, Stephen Hynes, Paul Kilgarriff, (et al.)
News | 22 Feb 21
La politique d’intégration au Luxembourg : Un instrument en manque d’évaluation !
Un nouveau ‘Policy Brief – Crossing Borders at a Glance’ de Frédéric Docquier et Bertrand Verheyden analyse l’impact des programmes d’intégration
News | 10 Feb 21
LISER organised the 2021 InGRID2 Online Winter School on ‘Recent advances in poverty and inequality research’ January 25-29
25 PhD students and junior researchers from 13 countries attended online trainings
Publications | 19 Feb 21
Thu Hien Dao, Frédéric Docquier, Mathilde Maurel, (et al.)
News | 07 Jan 21
Six LISER projects (3 CORE & 3 AFR) retained for funding!
Thematics covered include: sustainable mobility, health disparities, international migration, gentrification and more.