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LISER Annual Report 2016: Impacting society

LISER attracts top international researchers and remains committed to understanding society’s challenges.
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Belval Campus, Esch-sur-Alzette | 26 Oct 17

Do you speak Open Science? Discover why you should!

Mark your calendar for Luxembourg’s first National OpenAIRE conference on 26 October 2017
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Material and social deprivation: the EU endorses a new indicator developed by LISER

A new indicator developed under the coordination of Anne-Catherine Guio, senior researcher at LISER, has been endorsed by the European Commission and all 28 EU countries. It is now part of the major monitoring tools used for measuring EU progress in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.
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Health, ageing and retirement survey: 2,000 individuals will be contacted in the Grand Duchy

Starting 6 March 2017, LISER will launch the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). The survey targets individuals living in Luxembourg who are aged 50 and older to better understand the aging process.
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EU-SILC Survey: 8000 households to be contacted in Luxembourg

Starting 15 February 2017, LISER will begin interviewing households to collect information on a number of topics such as income, poverty, social exclusion, work, education and health.
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News | 21 Jul 17
LISER is taking part in InGRID-2, a newly launched EU-wide social sciences research infrastructure funded by Horizon 2020
Europe is confronted with another “climate warming” - a social one.
Publications | 20 Jul 17
Are income poverty and perceptions of financial difficulties dynamically interrelated?
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Publications | 19 Jul 17
Inequality and Competitive Effort: The Roles of Asymmetric Resources, Opportunity and Outcomes.
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Publications | 18 Jul 17
Using the Shapley Decomposition to Disentangle the Impact of Circumstances and Efforts on Health Inequality.
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News | 13 Jul 17
US cities have worse inequality than Mexico, with rich and poor living side by side
Inequality in American cities occurs among close neighbors and has long-term implications, reveals the new LISER study "So close yet so unequal: Spatial inequality in American cities.
News | 12 Jul 17
Thou shalt covet thy neighbours' tax base: The impact of tax competition on the location choices of the very wealthy
Rich taxpayers are most likely to relocate, reveals LISER study entitled, "Beggar Thy Neighbour Tax Cuts: Mobility after a Local Income & Wealth Tax Reform in Switzerland"
Publications | 17 Jul 17
Persistence of socioeconomic inequalities in the knowledge of cardiovascular risk factors five years after coronary angiography.
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