LISER, Esch-Belval, Luxembourg | 04 - 05 Apr 19

5th Workshop on the Economics of Migration

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Publications | 19 Mar 19
Timed to Say Goodbye: Does Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Affect Worker Layoffs?
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News | 15 Mar 19
Diffusion des premiers résultats du projet Interreg SDTGR : schéma de développement territorial de la Grande Région
Avec la réalisation du diagnostic territorial à l’échelle de la Grande Région, une première étape de franchie avant la mise en œuvre d’une vision territoriale partagée
Publications | 18 Mar 19
Explaining Differences Within and Between Countries in the Risk of Income Poverty and Severe Material Deprivation: Comparing Single and Multilevel Analyses.
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Publications | 14 Mar 19
Labor market effects of demographic shifts and migration in OECD countries.
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News | 12 Mar 19
Towards a smart nation with the 2019 Smart City International Symposium
The event focused on the emergence of smart cities and the managerial, technological, organizational, socio-economic and geographical changes
News | 08 Mar 19
Successful Launch of the CECCUT Project
The Jean Monnet network investigates the potential of the European Capital of Culture initiative as a lever for Community integration in the cross-border areas of the European Union
Publications | 12 Mar 19
Contributions of MIR to soundscape ecology. Part 3: Tagging and classifying audio features using a multi-labeling k-nearest neighbor approach.
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