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04 Nov 19

Deprivation of Women and Men Living in a Couple: Sharing or Unequal Division?

Authors: GUIO Anne-Catherine, VAN DEN BOSCH Karel.

Online First: 29/10/2019



In standard poverty analyses, all household members are assumed to share equal living conditions. Though a few national studies exist, this paper is the first to present empirical evidence on this issue for the EU, using the 2015 wave of the EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions. We map the extent of intra?couple inequality in deprivation, and analyze its determinants. We find that for most items, the gender difference in lack between partners, though generally small, is significant and at the disadvantage of women. When aggregating the individual items into a deprivation scale, couples where the number of enforced lacks is higher for the woman (9.2 percent) are (significantly) more numerous than couples where the man is disadvantaged (6.5 percent), at the EU level. Econometric analysis shows that the work status of the partners and their relative contribution to the joint income are important determinants of the intra?couple gender deprivation gap.

Reference: GUIO Anne-Catherine, VAN DEN BOSCH Karel. Deprivation of Women and Men Living in a Couple: Sharing or Unequal Division? Review of Income and Wealth, 2019.

gender inequality,
intra-couple inequality,
material deprivation

Project: Third Network for the analysis of EU-SILC

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