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News | 20 Oct 17
Launch of the Luxembourg Agency for Research Integrity (LARI)
As a founding member, LISER will assist the association in accomplishing its mission.
News | 20 Oct 17
Event Recap: Conference on ‘Data Protection in Social Science Research’ 17 October 2017
Data protection pervades many aspects of life, but it is also of considerable importance for research.
News | 19 Oct 17
Le LISER participe à la Semaine Nationale du Logement.
Les chercheurs du LISER seront présents sur le stand de l’Observatoire de l’Habitat du Ministère du Logement du 14 au 22 octobre à Luxexpo The Box.
News | 13 Oct 17
LISER Researcher joins Visiting Fellows Programme of the European Commissions’ Taxation and Customs
The Programme attracts leading economists from academia, international organisations and top research institutions.
News | 09 Oct 17
Welcome to LISER! Eight Visiting Scholars drop in this October
LISER recognises the importance of international research exchange and collaboration with researchers in the various fields of socio-economic research.
News | 29 Sep 17
Prof. Simon Gaechter: On The Record
LISER interviews world-renowned expert in behavioral and experimental economics.
News | 27 Sep 17
Youth employment and apprenticeship
To what extent does apprenticeship improve the career of the youths? This LISER discussion paper exploits a reform of the Italian apprenticeship system to show that apprentices do acquire higher human capital thanks to more firm-oriented training, which leads to long lasting effects on salaries.
News | 22 Sep 17
LISER à la Journée Mondiale du Cœur
Maladies cardiovasculaires : causes ? Conséquences ? RDV le 30 Septembre si le cœur vous en dit.
News | 21 Sep 17
Visit by Prof. John P. Haisken-DeNew to LISER on September 28
Discover the tutorial and seminar (abstracts) presented by Prof. Haisken-DeNew.
News | 15 Sep 17
"Intensification of efforts to tackle child poverty and social exclusion are needed", concludes a European analysis
More determination by EU Member States is needed to achieve the aims of the EU Recommendation on Investing in children.
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