The Institute


Our vision

LISER's specific mission, in accordance with the Law of December 3, 2014 on Public Research Centers, is to: carry out basic and applied research activities in the social sciences with the aim of advancing knowledge, informing the actions of public authorities and socio-economic actors at the national and international level in relation to the social and economic fabric and spatial development as well as informing society.

This specific mission is set in the particular context of Luxembourg, which is a country imbued, by virtue of its history and as a founding member of the European Union (EU), with the values of balanced economic growth and economic and social cohesion.

Within this framework, LISER aims to be an internationally recognised socio-economic research institute, specialised in the analysis of societal changes. Through its multidisciplinary research, it contributes in a proactive and targeted manner to the sustainable and inclusive development of societies at the national and international level.

Luxembourg and the Greater Region constitute a privileged research laboratory in economic and social sciences because of the plurality of nationalities, institutions and policies present as well as the multiculturalism and multilingualism of the populations and the economic power of attraction that Luxembourg exerts in the heart of Europe. These singularities provide LISER with research fields that enable it to provide new answers to economic and social issues, in order to contribute to the construction of tomorrow's "knowledge-based society" that respects the values of cohesion and inclusion.

Societal challenges know no boundaries between institutions or disciplines. They need to be addressed in a holistic manner so as to take into account all dimensions and the interdependence between them. To respond to this complexities, the singular strength of the institute is both its interdisciplinarity and its multidisciplinarity (learn more).