Upcoming seminars


Job Market Seminar: The health benefits of a targeted cash transfer: The UK Winter Fuel Payment.

Federico Zilio (Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge)

To be announced

Marie Claire Villeval (CNRS and University of Lyon)

Economic incentives, home production and gender identity norms

Andrea Ichino (European University Institute)

Semilux – Luxembourg seminar on social inequalities and public policies

Kelsey O'Connor (Statec) "The effect of immigration on native's well-being in Europe" - Oshrat Hochman (Gesis) "Desantangeling relationships between debts, negative life events, and subjective well-being"

Local government and innovation: the case of Italian provinces

Pierpaolo Parrotta (IESEG School of Business)

Job Vacancies and Immigration: Evidence from Pre- and Post-Mariel Miami

George Borjas (Harvard Kennedy School)


To be announced

Katharina Maag Merki (University of Zurich)

To be announced

Emilia Del Bono (University of Essex)


Pareto Models for Top Incomes

Emmanuel Flachaire (Aix-Marseille University)

To be announced

Jacob Penglase (University of Bordeaux)

To be announced

Marie Claire Villeval (CNRS & University of Lyon)


To be announced

Martin Huber (University of Fribourg)

To be announced

Steven Stillman (University of Bolzano)


To be announced

Ludovic Halbert (CNRS)

To be announced

Conny Wunsch (University of Basel)

To be announced

Costas Meghir (Yale University)


To be announced

Christopher Ruhm (University of Virginia)

To be announced

Pierre Carl Michaud (HEC Montreal)


To be announced

Janet Currie (Princeton University)