Doctoral Programme

The LISER Doctoral School welcomes PhD candidates officially registered at a Doctoral programme of a University in Europe or abroad. LISER offers the possibility to join our staff and benefit from additional training and supervision.

At LISER, PhD candidates are trained to develop knowledge, skills and competence in the field of Social Sciences, and to conduct research with scientific integrity, in line with the international ethical and data protection standards.

LISER's PhD training programme is designed to qualify PhD candidates for research at an international standard. However, it is important to note that LISER is neither a higher education institution, nor does it offer a full-fledge graduate studies programmes or academic degrees. The programme advances one's scientific insight and analytical thinking in accordance with sound academic practice and established standards for research ethics.

PhD candidates find in the Institute a diverse, multicultural, active and stimulating research oriented environment, where local scientific advisors follow closely the progress of their doctoral research. They are offered networking and research collaboration opportunities and develop contacts with internationally recognised visiting scholars.