Doctoral Programme

Doctoral Research Environment at LISER

PhD candidates benefit at LISER from an active and stimulating learning and research environment where they can quickly become independent and grow into researcher identity.

LISER believes that working in an environment that is supportive and fosters a sense of belonging has a good impact on PhD candidates by improving motivation, focus and efficiency. Therefore, PhD candidates hosted at LISER are offered a work atmosphere where they can instantly feel as part of the research community. They are integrated in the research department to which belongs the researcher who acts as their supervisor. The department teams are generally composed of senior researchers, post-doctoral fellows, and PhD candidates with similar research interests. They participate in regular team meetings and to (some) scientific events, internal seminars and workshops that give them the opportunity to interact with other researchers on a daily basis.

They are also encouraged to attend and actively participate to national and international scientific conferences where they can network and get scientific advice from experienced researchers and experts.

LISER provides a workspace with access to state-of-the-art IT facilities, databases, journals, books and literature available in the Institute documentation center or on specialised reference platforms. LISER's documentalist provides individual support for bibliographical search.

PhD candidates benefit from several other libraries in Luxembourg and they can also take advantage of their participation to summer or winter schools at universities abroad to access research documentation.