Visiting Researchers Programmes

LISER's Visiting Researchers Programmes

LISER recognises the importance of international research exchange and collaboration with researchers in the various fields of socio-economic research. Therefore, the institute provides the opportunity for researchers (in-house and from other institutions) to collaborate in joint research projects.

The Visiting Scholars Programme provides its researchers with the opportunity to interact with top international researchers and gain in experience, develop capacity and increase research networks. Visiting scholars are available for discussion with staff members to advise on research projects, to participate actively in research seminars and to contribute with teaching in the context of LISER's training programme.

In addition, LISER welcomes visits from doctoral candidates within the framework of a co-supervision throughout the duration of a PhD training, or for a short period to benefit from the research environment at the Institute.

LISER is also part of the European funded InGRID Programme, which provides trans-national access to different research infrastructures with data and expertise in the fields of poverty and living conditions. For more information on how to apply to upcoming calls, please visit the visiting grants section of the InGRID-2 website.

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Living Conditions
  • Prof. Vincent Hildebrand, Department of Economics, Glendon College, York University, Canada
    Project: The persistence of social and ethnic disadvantages in primary and secondary schools
    LISER research host: Aigul Alieva, Living Conditions Department
  • PhD candidate Marina Romaguera de la Cruz, School of Economics and Business Management, University of Alcalá, Spain
    Project: Essays on Economic Insecurity
    LISER research host: Philippe Van Kerm, Living Conditions Department
  • PhD candidate Enrique Enrique Valencia López, Graduate School of Education, University of Berkley, United States
    Project: Professional learning communities
    LISER research host: Catalina Lomos, Living Conditions Department
Labour Market
  • Assistant Professor Marc Kaufmann, Department of Economics and Business, Central European University, Hungary
    Project: Immigrants' anticipations and actual length of stay
    LISER research host: Michel Tenikue and Bertrand Verheyden, Labour Market Department
Urban Development and Mobility
  • Prof. Sergio Peña, Department of Urban Studies and Environment, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Mexico
    Project: Cross-border Metropolitan Regions, Planning and Governance: The European Union and North American Experience
    LISER research host: Frédéric Durand, Urban Development and Mobility Department
  • Prof. Francois Des Rosiers, Department of Management, Université Laval, Canada
    Project: AVSys – Automated Valuation Systems for Residential Real Estate Property
    LISER research host: Brano Glumac, Urban Development and Mobility Department
  • PhD candidate Aldo Arranz-Lopez, Department of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Zaragoza, Spain
    Project: The impact of socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of non-mothorised accessibility related to comercial activities
    LISER research host: Martin Dijst, Urban Development and Mobility Department
  • Master student Joanne Wirtz, Department of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Luxembourg
    Project: Accounting for carbon flows and stocks within the Commune of Dudelange
    LISER research host: Julien Licheron and Geoffrey Caruso, Joint professor, Urban Development and Mobility Department