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Aigul Alieva (PhD in Social Sciences) is a Research Fellow in the department Living Conditions since 2011. Prior to that she hold a position of Assistant Professor at Leuven University (Belgium) in a Masters Programme in Social Policy Analysis, jointly with LISER and other partners.

Her main research interests are immigration and integration policy; social and educational inequalities; comparative education systems and skills formation; partnership formation and homogamy; policy evaluation.

She has contributed to a number research and policy projects, both at the EU and the national level, which included issues such as education and support measures for newly arrived immigrant children, ECEC participation and school dropout, education and innovation, and the integration of children of non-EU origin. She carried out a part of her research as a visiting fellow in academic institutes in Belgium, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands. She is an external expert to the European Panel of Investing in Children (EPIC) by the EC and coordinated by RAND Europe, the Network of Experts on Social Dimension of Education and Training (NESET II) by EC and coordinated by the Public Policy and Management Institute  (Lithuania). She is a Management Committee member and Leadership Team member of the COST Actions project on International Ethnic and Immigrant Minorities’ Survey Data.


Ongoing projects



  • ALIEVA Aigul. Educational inequalities in Europe: performance of students with migratory background in Luxembourg and Switzerland. Éditions Peter Lang GmbH, 2010, coll. European University Studies, series XXII - Sociology, 243 p.

Book Chapters

  • ALIEVA Aigul, KLEIN Carlo. Quels liens entre niveau d'études et cohésion sociale? Comparaisons internationales. In: MARLIER Eric, BROSIUS Jacques, DAUTEL Vincent, DECOVILLE Antoine, DURAND Frédéric, GERBER Philippe, GUIO Anne-Catherine (Dir.) Cohésion sociale et territoriale au Luxembourg. Regards croisés. Éditions Peter Lang, 2014, 301 p.
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  • ALIEVA Aigul. School Effect on Individual Performance in PISA 2003: the Case of Foreign-Born Students. In: MICHALOWSKI I., AYBEK C., ETTE A., HUNGER U. Zukunft in Europa: Neue Kontexte von Migrationspolitik und Integrationsprozessen [Future in Europe: New Contexts of Migration Policies and Integration Processes]. Wiesbaden : VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2008.

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