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MARTIN Ludivine

Labour Market
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 Dr. Ludivine MARTIN is the Theme leader of the “Employer/Employee relations” priority research topic in the Labour Market Department of LISER.

She is a researcher in Economics at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER ) since July 2008 and associate research fellow at CREM (UMR CNRS 6211, Rennes, France). She received her PhD in Economics from the University of Rennes 1 (France) in June 2008. Her research interests focus on digitalization and human resource management practices in the workplace and their consequences on employees job satisfaction, motivations, performance and job search. She supervised surveys and laboratory experiments to collect data dedicated to her research topics. The development of her current research agenda is based on a research grant supported by the FNR (TWAIN). She has recent publications in European Economic Journal, Industrial RelationsApplied Economics and Economic and Industrial Democracy.

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Book Chapters

    OMRANI Nessrine, MARTIN Ludivine. How to Support Women Seniorpreneurs in Europe? In: A. Maâlaoui (Ed.) Handbook of Research on Elderly Entrepreneurship. Springer International Publishing, 2019, pp. 139-151.
  • CASSILDE Stéphanie, MARTIN Ludivine. Usages d'Internet et pratiques culturelles : réduction ou renforcement des inégalités ? In: DANG NGUYEN Godefroy, DEJEAN Sylvain (Eds.) Internet : intéractions et interfaces, Actes du 10ème séminaire M@rsouin. L'Harmattan, 2014, pp. 339-364.
  • FLEURY Charles, HAURET Laëtitia, MARTIN Ludivine. Qualité et caractère cohésif de l'emploi : évolution de 2005 à 2010 et comparaisons internationales. In: MARLIER Eric, BROSIUS Jacques, DAUTEL Vincent, DECOVILLE Antoine, DURAND Frédéric, GERBER Philippe, GUIO Anne-Catherine (Dir.) Cohésion sociale et territoriale au Luxembourg. Regards croisés. Éditions Peter Lang, 2014, pp. 105-124.
  • MARTIN Ludivine. The make-or-buy decision in ICT services: Evidence evidence from Luxembourg. In: ALLEGREZZA Serge, DUBROCARD Anne. Internet Econometrics. Palgrave, 2012, coll. Applied Econometrics Association Series, pp. 234-258.

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