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Book Chapters

  • FUSCO Alessio, VAN KERM Philippe, ALIEVA Aigul, BELLANI Luna, ROBERT Fanny, GUIO Anne-Catherine, KYZYMA Iryna, LEDUC Kristell, LIEGEOIS Philippe, PI ALPERIN Maria Noel, REINSTADLER Anne, SIERMINSKA Eva, SOLOGON Denisa, THILL Patrick, VALENTOVA Marie, VOICU Bogdan. Luxembourg : has inequality grown enough to matter ? In: NOLAN B., SALVERDA W., CHECCHI D., MARX I., McKNIGHT A., TOTH I., VAN DE WERFHORST W. (Eds.) Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries: Thirty Countries Experiences. Oxford University Press, 2014, pp. 437-458.

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25 Jul 16
MUSSARD Stéphane, PI ALPERIN Maria Noel, THIREAU Véronique.
11 Nov 11
PI ALPERIN Maria Noel, BERZOSA Guayarmina.
21 Sep 10
MUSSARD Stéphane, PI ALPERIN Maria Noel.
09 Nov 07
PI ALPERIN Maria Noel, SEYTE Françoise, TERRAZZA Michel, MUSSARD Stéphane.