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BONAN Jacopo, DAGNELIE Olivier, LEMAY-BOUCHER Philippe and TENIKUE Michel. The Impact of Insurance Literacy and Marketing Treatments on the Demand for Health Microinsurance in Senegal: A Randomized Evaluation. Journal of African Economies (First Online: 31 October 2016).
ELOUNDOU-ENYEGUE Parfait, GIROUX Sarah, TENIKUE Michel. African Transitions and Fertility Inequality: A ‘Demographic Kuznets’ Hypothesis. Population and Development Review (Forthcoming).
TENIKUE Michel. Empirical Analysis of School Attainment/Progression in Cameroon. Journal of International Development, 2015 (Online first: 15 October 2015).
KUEPIE Mathias, TENIKUE Michel, WALTHER Olivier. Social networks and small business performance in West African border regions. Oxford Development Studies, 2015 (Online first: 23 September 2015).
KUEPIE Mathias, SHAPIRO David, TENIKUE Michel. Access to Schooling and Staying in School in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries. African Development Review, 2015, vol. 27, n°4, pp. 403-414.
KUEPIE Mathias, TENIKUE Michel, NOUETAGNI Samuel, MISANGUMUKINI Nicaise. Number, Age Composition and School Achievements of Siblings in Two African Capital Cities. Oxford Development Studies, 2014 (Online first: 24 April 2014).
BONAN Jacopo, LEMAY-BOUCHER Philippe, TENIKUE Michel. Household's willingness to pay for health microinsurance and its impact on actual take-up: results from a field experiment in Senegal. The Journal of Development Studies, 2014, vol. 50, n°10, pp. 1445-1462.
TENIKUE Michel, VERHEYDEN Bertrand. Birth Order and Schooling: Theory and Evidence from Twelve Sub-Saharan Countries. Journal of African Economies, 2010, vol. 19, n°4, pp. 459-495.
DE CROMBRUGGHE Alain, TENIKUE Michel, SUREDA Julie. Performance Analysis for a Sample of Microfinance Institutions in India. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2008, Vol. 79, n°2, pp. 269-299.

Books Chapters

ELOUNDOU-ENYEGUE Parfait, TENIKUE Michel. On the mechanical contribution of ageing to global income inequality. In: HARPER Sarah, HAMBLIN Kate (Eds.) International Handbook on Ageing and Public Policy. Edward Elgar, 2014, chapter 6, pp. 59-71.
ELOUNDOU-ENYEGUE Parfait M., TENIKUE Michel, KUEPIE Mathias. Demographic Divergence and Inequality in the Next Generation: A Framework and Partial Test. In: MTURI Akim J., AGYEI-MENSAH Samuel (Eds.) Explaining Fertility Differences in Sub-Saharan Africa: Projecting the Demographic Future. Edwin Mellen Press, 2014, chapter 4.

Publications dans les collections de l'Institut

Birth order, Sex Composition and Risky Behaviour of Adolescent Girls in Nigeria.
Can Hypothetical Time Discounting Rates Predict Actual Behaviour: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment.
BONAN Jacopo, LEMAY-BOUCHER Philippe, SCOTT Douglas, TENIKUE Michel
Women’s Education, Infant and Child Mortality, and Fertility Decline in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Quantitative Assessment.
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