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Dr. Denisa M. Sologon received her PhD in Economics in 2010 from Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Her PhD project was financed by a Marie Curie PhD Fellowship and an AFR PhD Fellowship from the National Research Fund in Luxembourg.
During her PhD, Dr. Sologon had a Visiting Research Fellowship at  Harvard University - Harvard Kennedy School of Government, The Wiener Center for Social Policy.

In 2010-2012, she was awarded the Marie Curie Post-Doc Fellowship, co-funded by the National Research Fund, Luxembourg for the project “Earnings dynamics and microsimulation”.  She worked at Maastricht University/UNU-MERIT as an affiliated Assistant Professor from 2012 until 2016. She joined the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) as a Research Economist in 2013. She was appointed the Head of  the "Income, Wealth, and Poverty" Unit in the Living Conditions Department in 2017 and the Interim Director of the Living Conditions Department between October 2018 and February 2019.

Dr. Sologon has expertise in welfare and labor economics, public policy analysis, social protection policy and applied econometrics. The particulars of her research are income inequality, mobility, income distribution dynamics, income volatility, policy modeling, microsimulation techniques and policy evaluation. She held several talks at the General Inspectorate of Social Security in Luxembourg, the Ministry of Economy, Luxembourg, the OECD and Bank of Lithuania. She is regularly teaching PhD and Master level courses on public policy analysis, econometrics and social protection at Maastricht University and University of Mauritius.

She was elected as member of the Board of the International Microsimulation Assiociation in 2017 and became Treasurer of IMA in 2019. 

She was granted "Full Authorization" to supervise/promote PhD projects at University of Luxembourg1 (“ADR” Autorisation à diriger des Recherches) in 2017.

Since 2013, she has developed 10-ongoing inter-linked projects involving 14 collaborators from 9 countries (Australia, France, Indonesia, Irealand, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain and Tunisia). The projects cover topics from drivers of income inequality, economic insecurity, expenditure inequality, polarization, health inequality,  poverty, with a special focus on the role of labour market factors, economic returns, demographics and the mediating role of tax-benefit systmes. 

PhD Supervision at Maastricht University, Tilburg University and University of Luxembourg:


  • A. Muttaqien, “Differences in income/expenditure distributions inequality and polarization: theory and
    empirical analysis in developing countries in Asia”, Maastricht University (2014-2019 defended with success); co-supervision with Prof. Cathal O’Donoghue. 


  • C. Gong, "Technologiocal change, labour market and inequality: evidence from China and Germany" (2019-present); co-supervision with Prof. Pierre Mohnen and Dr. Zina Nimeh (Maastricht University)
  • G. Mazeikaite, “Drivers of health inequality: evidence from European countries”, Maastricht University
    (2014-present); co-supervision with Prof. Cathal O’Donoghue.
  • N. Ramful, “Multidimensional Poverty in Developing Countries: a Gender perspective”, Tilburg
    University (2018-present); co-supervision with Prof. Chris de Neubourg.
  • J. Karpati “Demystifying Children's Deprivations: Manifestations, Origins and Cures”, Tilburg
    University (2018-present); co-supervision with Prof. Chris de Neubourg.
  • E. Toczydlowska, “Household Income Dynamics in Europe”, University of Luxembourg (2017-present); informal co-
    supervision with Prof. Philippe Van Kerm.

Currently, she is working on unpaking the role of drivers of economic and social change on outcomes that extend beyond income inequality, namely economic insecurity, risks, attitudes and beliefs towards other (immigrants), attitudes towards redistribution, health and political behaviour.

Ongoing projects


Book Chapters

  • CEBOTARI Victor, SOLOGON Denisa Maria, DE NEUBOURG Chris de Neubourg. Multiple child deprivation in Romania. In: VERHAERT M.(Ed.) 25 Years since the Romanian Revolution. Leuven: Acco, 2015, pp. 227-243.
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  • BURLACU Irina, O'DONOGHUE Cathal, SOLOGON Denisa Maria. Hypothetical Models. In: O'DONOGHUE Cathal (Ed.) Handbook of Microsimulation Modelling. Emerald Group Publishing Limited: 2014, Contributions to Economic Analysis vol. 293, pp. 23-46.
  • O’DONOGHUE Cathal, LEACH Ross, HYNES Stephen, SOLOGON Denisa. Simulating Earnings. In: O'DONOGHUE Cathal. Life-Cycle Microsimulation Modelling: Constructing and Using Dynamic Microsimulation Models. Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010, pp. 91-106.

Working papers


  • SOLOGON Denisa. Earnings dynamics in Europe. PhD thesis. Maastricht University: Boekenplan, 2010.

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