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MAAS Roland

Living Conditions
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Roland Maas works as an expert in research valorisation in the "Living Conditions" department at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). He holds a Master (by research) in Sociology from the University of Nancy 2 with focus on social exclusion/inclusion, professional integration of young unqualified as well as on industrial relations in Luxembourg. He started working as a computer specialist at LISER in 1998 before changing 2003 to the "Population and Employment" (former PSELL) department where he worked on social exclusion with emphasis on homelessness as well as on professional integration. Other research interests are social dialogue in enterprises as well as the role of trade unions in the integration of immigrant workers. He participated in the peer review program of the European Commission on homelessness (2004 and 2005) as well as on over-indebtedness (2006). He was also a national expert in different European Observatories: in the field of homelessness (European Observatory of Homelessness / FEANTSA, 2003-2006), concerning the evaluation of employment policies (European Employment Observatory, 2007-2009) as well as in the field of industrial relations (European Industrial Relations Observatory / Eurofound. 2007-2010). More recently, he worked on the professional integration and social inclusion of beneficiaries of the Guaranteed Minimum Income as well as on early school leavers (ongoing).


Book Chapters

  • MAAS Roland, Ausgrenzung vom Wohnungsmarkt. In: BOUSCH P., CHILLA T., GERBER P., KLEIN O., SCHULTZ C., SOHN C., WIKTORIN D. Der Luxemburg Atlas / Atlas du Luxembourg. Köln : Emons, 2009, pp. 182-183.
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Contributions to Conference Proceedings

  • BLOND-HANTEN Carole, MAAS Roland. L'économie de la connaissance est-elle sexuée ? In : BARTH Isabelle, GUERET-TALON Lyvie, SALA Florian, DE SWARTE Thibault (sous la dir.) Colloque Homme, femme et après ? Économie de la connaissance, sexe et diversité dans les organisations. Sophia Antipolis, 28 et 29 mai 2009. Recueil des contributions académiques, pp. 149-172.
  • MAAS Roland. La réforme de la formation professionnelle au Luxembourg. In : Groupe de recherche sur l'éducation et l'emploi (GREE) / Université Nancy 2. Formes et structures du salariat : crise, mutation, devenir. XIIe journées internationales de Sociologie du travail - 24,25 et 26 juin 2009 (CD-ROM).

Other articles

  • BLOND-HANTEN Carole, MAAS Roland. La politique de formation et l’égalité entre femmes et hommes saisie par la négociation collective de branche. Entreprise magazine, 2011, n°47, pp. 64-65.
  • MAAS Roland. L’insertion professionnelle des jeunes qualifiés à Esch/Alzette. Forum – für Politik, Gesellschaft und Kultur in Luxemburg, 2010, n° 300, pp.48-51.
  • MAAS Roland. L’apprentissage tout au long de la vie au Luxembourg. Entreprise magazine, 2008, n°27, pp. 78-80.
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  • MAAS Roland. Le Plan national pour l’innovation et le plein emploi. Entreprise magazine, 2007, n°26, pp. 65-67.


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