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Urban Development and Mobility
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PA to the general director

Elke Brungs joined LISER in November 2015 and is PA to the general director of LISER.

She studied Social Sciences at KULeuven (Belgium). After a qualitative research project on collaborations in secondary schools for the Flemish Ministry of Education, she moved into monitoring first year Sociology students, study counceling, and the elaboration of interactive websites using ICT components. She has also been teaching in applied seminars on the writing of scientific papers. She was for many years the Leuven coordinator for the IMPALLA program (International Master in Social Policy Analysis by Luxembourg, Leuven and Associate Institutes).

Being a personal assistant, the management of time and communication with all members of the different departments in the organization, with the other Centres de Recherche Publics, and with externals, is her core business.