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WALCZAK Agnieszka

Data Centre
Tél.: (+352) 58 58 55 - 960

AGNIESZKA WALCZAK (PhD in Social Sciences / Survey Methodology, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam) is Head of the Data Centre at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER, formerly CEPS/INSTEAD).

Agnieszka is responsible for the strategic development of the Data Centre. She manages a team of 14 people (survey statisticians, project managers, data managers, coordinators and supervisors of interviewers) and oversees the delivery of large-scale and small-scale surveys in Luxembourg. LISER conducts surveys for Luxembourgish institutions (e.g. STATEC, Central Bank of Luxembourg), Luxembourgish ministries as well as academic surveys within European research consortia and for LISER internal research projects.

Agnieszka has considerable experience in developing and conducting surveys and survey-based research both to inform policy-makers and for academic purposes.

As a Senior Research Manager at Cambridge Assessment (part of the University of Cambridge, UK), Agnieszka led the development of the Cambridge English Global Survey – a global computer-based survey that measures English language ability and attitudes of candidates towards learning, attitudes and practices of teachers and policy-makers. In addition, she managed and conducted survey-based research for international benchmarking and impact assessment projects for Ministries of Education in Europe, Asia and South America. At RAND Corporation (Cambridge office), Agnieszka was involved in various policy evaluation projects for a range of clients from the private and public sector, including European institutions and ministries in EU Member States.

Agnieszka’s areas of interest lie in survey methodology, statistics, public policy and political representation.

Agnieszka is a Board member of the Luxembourg Statistical Society (LSS). 

Agnieszka speaks English, French, German, Polish, Dutch and is learning Luxembourgish.



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Ongoing projects


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