Doctoral lecture series on cross-border labour mobility

Doctoral lecture series 
 on cross-border labour mobility (2023-2024)

Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) PRIDE19/14302992

Human history is a migration story. It features men and women on the move in search of better opportunities or seeking protection abroad. Notwithstanding being a constitutive element of societies, migration represents an ever-divisive topic in political and public debates, as well as a renewed challenge in policymaking. Economic scholars have extensively investigated the socio-economic determinants and implications of economic and forced migration in both origin and destination countries. New methodological tools are increasingly available to investigate these issues.

LISER and DEM (University of Luxembourg) organize this Ph.D. course for the FNR-funded doctoral program devoted to migration research ACROSS (Analysis of Cross-Border Human Mobility). The course consists of monthly lectures given by renowned scholars in the field. It is meant to equip PhD students with state-of-the-art research insights and methods. Upon completion of this course, students will have learned how new pressing questions over the role played by migration in the distribution of resources, labor market outcomes, and economic prosperity are currently addressed in the literature. Attending students will be asked to write an essay on one of the topics covered.

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Location: Kirchberg, Luxembourg