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Gender Equality Plan

LISER is a research community of approximately 180 staff members from all over the world. We all bring our individual talents, skills, expertise and perspectives that have grown and been shaped by our own personal, cultural and educational backgrounds. Together we are the diversity that characterizes and strengthens our LISER research community and learning organisation.

At LISER, we deeply believe in the power of diversity: a diverse population of researchers enriches the quality of our scientific work and the power of its societal impact. LISER stands for its social responsibility to contribute to equal opportunities for all and wholeheartedly commits to be a research institute where everyone feels safe, recognized and valued.

Inspired by our shared vision of being an inclusive, diverse, caring and sustainable research institution, this ambitious gender equality plan has been drawn up by an internal working group in spring 2022. It is an important step in our social responsibility journey to contribute to equal opportunities for all. At the same time, we would like to stress that this is not a static document. Following a diagnostic and baseline definition stage, our aim is to make our plan evolve, develop and thrive. Its implementation will take time, but let us invest the energy of our profound shared commitment to accelerate this process.

Gender Equality Plan