Crossing borders


Coordination of a doctoral training unit dedicated to the analysis of cross-border mobility (ACROSS)

ACROSS is a doctoral training unit funded by the Luxembourg National Fund for Scientific Research and coordinated by the Research Programme on Crossing Borders. It brings together fifteen promoters and co-promoters in economics and geography from LISER, the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Luxembourg, and the Research Division of STATEC. ACROSS aims to create a collaborative environment that supports the training of twelve students through systematic PhD supervision.

The consortium places a strong emphasis on fostering connections between institutions and building a distinguished supervision team focused on cross-border mobility. By establishing this collaborative network, ACROSS seeks to address the complex challenges of cross-border mobility and contribute to informed policymaking in Luxembourg and beyond.

The consortium offers a wide range of activities to enhance the students' training experience. These include methodological training related to their research interests, acquisition of soft skills, preparation for the academic job market, and opportunities to build their own professional network. In just three years, ACROSS students have already attended 40 training activities, including advanced specialization courses and cutting-edge methodological modules that equip them with advanced technical skills for analysing the drivers and impacts of human mobility. The students are also encouraged to actively participate in the seminar series organised by their hosting institution, allowing them to engage with their institution's academic community.

The consortium is actively involved in co-organizing international conferences and workshops, providing valuable opportunities for students to expand their academic network. Additionally, PhD candidates are strongly encouraged to undertake visits abroad, attend international summer and winter schools, as well as conferences and workshops.

One of the flagship activities of ACROSS is a set of doctoral lectures on cross-border labour mobility, organised on a monthly basis and linked to the Crossing Borders visiting programme at LISER. Renowned guest scholars deliver monthly doctoral lectures, spending a week at LISER to interact with ACROSS students, at both LISER and the university, and provide in-depth insights into the state-of-the-art methodologies and academic findings in their respective fields of expertise.

The Consortium Management Board of ACROSS consists of one representative from each institution: Michel Beine from the University of Luxembourg, Chiara Peroni from STATEC, and Frédéric Docquier from LISER. The board is supported by Martin Fernandez-Sanchez and Aleksandra Szymanska at LISER, as well as Melissa Tornari and Noémie Courtois at the University.

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