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Third Network for the analysis of EU-SILC (Net-SILC3)

The Third Network for the Analysis of EU-SILC ("Net-SILC3") is a research network funded by the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). It consists of a group of institutions and researchers using the comparative EU data source EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (“EU-SILC”). It is coordinated by LISER and brings together experts from nine European Statistical System bodies and eight academic bodies. Net-SILC3 builds on a solid foundation of previous work, esp. research carried out in the context of the Net-SILC1 and Net-SILC2 networks (which were also coordinated by LISER). The 26 Net-SILC3 work packages are organised around two big clusters. The first cluster aims at providing a thorough analysis of non-sampling errors in EU-SILC. It is designed to identify the main sources of non-sampling errors, to describe the nature and impact of each type of error, and to produce guidance on reducing them. The second cluster aims at deepening our knowledge of the determinants and dynamics of income and living conditions through in-depth analyses of a number of socio-economic issues. A key objective of this cluster is to suggest robust policy-relevant indicators in these fields, including longitudinal indicators. Between 2016 and 2020, Net-SILC3 will organise two international conferences (in 2018 and 2020). It will also organise four international “Best Practice Workshops” (in 2018, 2019 and 2020) devoted to the analysis of non-sampling errors: a) validity and comparability of income, health and housing variables; b) unit non-response and weighting; c) item non-response and imputation; and d) impact of different modes of data collection and effects on data quality generated by interviewing, coding and editing.


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