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Gathering expertise for a more comprehensive view of income components in Luxembourg

The general objective of this joint project by the "Chambre des Salariés du Luxembourg" (CSL), the "University of Luxembourg" (UL) and the "Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research" (LISER) is twofold. On the one hand, and building on a long tradition of inequality analyses in Luxembourg, we would like go further and give a more comprehensive picture, compared to the traditional analysis, of the effects of public policies on individual and socio-economic outcomes related to the distribution of income and "well-being" throughout the population. On the other hand, we plan to combine the expertise of LISER and of the PEARL-IRSEI institute of FLSHASE at UL in order to improve the (quantitative) analytical tools and the (qualitative) conceptual approaches presently available.

More specifically, the present project aims:

  • to extend the analysis from income only to the inclusion of part of a series of taxes and benefits (including in-kind) which are not taken into account in the standard computation of the disposable income, the contents and quality of publicly provided goods (education, health, support for children, …), the prices of the goods and benefits that can be purchased with this net (nominal) disposable income at the disposal of the households, etc.
  • to enrich the microsimulation model (EUROMOD) at our disposal in order to be in a position, later on, to perform ex ante analyses involving a more complete view of the public policy mix and its implications on the well-being of households in Luxembourg.


VERGNAT Vincent , D'AMBROSIO Conchita, LIEGEOIS Philippe.
In: Chambre des Salariés (ed.) Panorama Social 2019. Luxembourg: Chambre des Salariés (CSL), 2019, série dialogue analyse n°1, pp. 50-56.
project leader
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project members
  • Prof. Conchita D’AMBROSIO (Manager of the project
  • University of Luxembourg)
  • Félix Martins de Brito
  • Chambre des Salariés du Luxembourg
project information
01/01/2018 - 30/06/2020
Chambre des Salariés du Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg