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Feasibility Study for a Child Guarantee (FSCG)

More than a quarter of all children in the EU are at risk of poverty or social exclusion.
In 2015 the European Parliament called for a child guarantee that would help ensure that every child in Europe at risk of poverty or social exclusion has access to free healthcare, free education, free early childhood education and care, decent housing, and adequate nutrition. In 2017, it requested the European Commission to implement a preparatory action on establishing a possible child guarantee scheme. In this context, the Commission has commissioned a feasibility study for a child guarantee for vulnerable children.
The key overall objective of the study is to explore how a child guarantee scheme could contribute to: a) combating poverty and social exclusion among the EU’s most disadvantaged children; and b) ensuring the access of these children to the five aforementioned areas.
The study will provide a thorough analysis of the design, governance and implementation of existing schemes and compare these to the added value of a child guarantee scheme focusing on the four following target groups: “children living in precarious family situations”, “children residing in institutions”, “children of recent migrants and refugees”, and “children with disabilities”.
The main deliverables of the study include four international fact-finding workshops, an international conference and a final study report. For more information on this research project, please see

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