02 Feb 17 | News

Welcome to LISER! Eight Visiting Scholars drop in January/February 2017

This Visiting Scholars Programme provides the opportunity for local researchers to collaborate in joint research projects with researchers from other Institutions.

LISER recognises the importance of international research exchange and collaboration with researchers in the various fields of socio-economic research.

The Visiting Scholars Programme is part of LISER’s Guest Researchers and Seminars Programme, GRaSP, which provides its researchers with the opportunity to interact with top international researchers and gain in experience, develop capacity and increase research networks through two main venues. First, through GRaSP’s weekly Research Seminars series which allow for external and internal researchers to present their work; and second, through the Visiting Scholars Programme.

This Programme provides the opportunity for local researchers to collaborate in joint research projects with researchers from other Institutions. Moreover, LISER’s visiting scholars are available for discussion with staff members to advise on research projects, to participate actively in research seminars and to contribute with teaching in the context of GRaSP’s training programme or presenting at LISER’s seminar series.

Discover January/February’s Visiting Scholars below:

Dr. Konstantin A. Kholodilin

Dr. Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Macroeconomics Department, DIW Berlin.
Project: “HOUSREG-Housing Regulation in Europe”
Research host: Julien Licheron, UDM Department

Dr. Marcos Herrera Gomez Dr. Marcos Herrera Gomez, Institute for Labour Studies and Economic Development (IELDE), National University of Salta, Argentina.
Project: “HALPOSC – Housing and Land Prices Dependency on Spatial Correlation”
Research host: Brano Glumac, UDM Department
Prof. Noelia Bernal Prof. Noelia Bernal, Department of Economics, Universidad del Pacificico, Lima.
Project: “Effects of non-contributory pensions on subjective and objective poverty”
Research host: Javier Olivera, Living Conditions Department
Giovanni Gallo Giovanni Gallo, Department of Economics ‘Marco Biagi’, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy .
Project:  “Effect of survey design on social indicators: is the rotating panel design a concern for social indicators estimation?”
Research host: Alessio Fusco, Philippe Van Kerm, Living Conditions Department
Prof. Eugenio Peluso Prof. Eugenio Peluso, Department of Economics, University of Verona.
Project: “Spatial inequalities and public policies”
Research host: Francesco Andreoli, Living Conditions Department
Prof. Ugo Colombino Prof. Ugo Colombino, Department of Statistics, University of Torino.
Project: “A microeconomicetric-computational approach to emprirical optimal taxation”
Research host: Nizamul Islam, Living Conditions Department
Prof. Rachel Bocquet Prof. Rachel Bocquet, Institut de Recherche en Economie et Gestion (IREGE), University of Savoie Mont Blanc.
Project: “The effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate social performance”
Research host: Nicolas Poussing, Labour Market Department
Prof. Mathieu Lefebvre Prof. Mathieu Lefebvre, BETA, University of Strasbourg.
Project: “Experimental assessment of individual consumption under time constraints”
Research host: Ludivine Martin, Labour Market Department

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