16 Mar 17 | News

It's a wrap: first edition of the 'pairing scheme' concludes

Politics meets research: LISER Researchers participate in exchange aimed at bringing the worlds of research and politics together.

Alessio Fusco with Mars Di Bartolomeo
Alessio Fusco (left), LISER, meets with Mars Di Bartolomeo (President of the Chamber of Deputies)

Dr. Alessio Fusco and Dr. Philippe Van Kerm of LISER returned to the Luxembourg Parliament as part of the new ‘pairing scheme’ initiated by the FNR (Luxembourg National Research Fund).

LISER was represented by two participants among the 17 Researchers paired with 17 Members of Parliament (MPs). The aim of the pairing was to foster an exchange between Researchers and MPs to both widen scientific knowledge in Luxembourg’s government and help researchers understand how MPs make decisions.

The pairing started with a visit of the researchers to the Parliament on 18 October 2016 to get an overview of the political processes in Luxembourg.  Afterwards, Dr. Alessio Fusco and Dr. Philippe Van Kerm met separately with their paired MPs to get more in-depth insights.  On 13 March 2017, the first edition of the ‘pairing scheme’ ended with President of the Chamber of Deputies, Mars Di Bartolomeo, stating that “Connections have been made and this is only the beginning”.

Dr. Philippe Van Kerm was paired with Yves Cruchten from the Groupe Politique LSAP

Dr. Alessio Fusco was paired with David Wagner from the Sensibilité politique ‘déi Lénk’

Projects LISER presented and discussed with the MPs include: