23 Mar 17 | News

LISER Researchers present at CSAE Conference 2017: Economic Development in Africa

The Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) Conference addresses economic analysis on broad issues relevant for economic development in Africa.

The Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) Conference addresses economic analysis on broad issues relevant for economic development in Africa

Oxford, United Kingdom

From 19-21 March 2017, Dr. Javier Olivera & Dr. Michel Tenikue of the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) presented at the annual international CSAE conference. The renowned CSAE economic research centre in St Catherine's College is an outstanding forum that welcomes development economics research based on experiences of other developing countries around the world.

Dr. Michel Tenikue presented a paper entitled “Birth order, Sex Composition and Teen pregnancy in Nigeria”. The paper uses Demographic and Health Survey data from Nigeria to study how “peer effect” shapes risky behavior. It shows how the gender of preceding siblings shapes risky sexual behaviour of teen girls in a context characterised by age and gender based hierarchy, numerous out of wedlock pregnancies and important unmet needs for contraception.

Dr. Javier Olivera presented a paper entitled “The redistributive effects of a mixed pension system in Peru” which assesses the ex-ante fiscal and distributive effects of implementing a multi-pillar pension system in Peru. The study utilises social security records from the public and private pension systems to estimate and analyse actuarial liabilities, inequality of pensions, and welfare levels of the pensioners in order to illustrate the main different trade-offs involved in pension reform.

Javier Olivera
- Dr. Javier Olivera

My session included four papers studying the cases of India, Malawi, Philippines and Peru and were presented by academicians and even an officer from the World Bank, which enriched the discussion.