29 Jan 18 | News

LISER 2018-21 multi-annual contract with Government signed

On Friday, 26 January 2018, the 2018-21 multi-annual contract between LISER and the Luxembourg Government was officially signed by Marc Hansen (Minister Delegate for Higher Education and Research), Nicole Kerschen (Chair of the Board of LISER), Jean-Marc Goy (Vice-president of the Board of LISER) and Aline Muller (CEO of LISER).

Within the framework of this multi-annual contract, which covers the years 2018 to 2021, the block grant for LISER is set at €47,07 million, an increase of 13% compared to the multi-annual contract of 2014-2017.

These resources will enable LISER to pursue its mission of contributing to the development of a sustainable and inclusive society. During the upcoming four-year period LISER has the ambition to clarify its identity as a research organisation nationally across Luxembourg’s society and internationally across the scientific community. LISER aims to:

  • Continue to consolidate its five areas of expertise (Public policies, welfare and socio-economic inequalities; Public policies and labour markets; Employer-employee relationships; Urban policies; Spatial mobility);
  • Develop interdisciplinary research around its three strategic themes( Crossing Borders; Health and Health Systems; Digital Transformation);
  • Improve its performance in scientific excellence, societal impact and international positioning.

To achieve these goals, LISER engages in a re-profiling of its functional structure and implements effective management to make optimal use of resources.  The institute has moreover decided to invest in a new four-year capacity-building plan.

In total, the Luxembourg Government is investing €1.44 billion in research and higher education for the period 2018 to 2021. Compared to the previous four-year period, this represents an increase of €284 million, a growth of 25%

Front, left to right: Jean-Marc Goy, Nicole Kerschen, Marc Hansen and Aline Muller; Back, left to right: Léon Diederich (Ministry), Robert Kerger (Ministry), Josiane Entringer (Ministry) and Gaston Schmit (Ministry)

You can find here the 2018-2021 multi-annual performance contract between the Institute and the State (available only in French)