Luxembourg, Belval university campus
5-6 March 2019

International Symposium - The emergence of the Smart City
Stakes, challenges, practices and impacts on the public governance

REGISTRATIONS FOR THE 10th SYMPOSIUM AND THE ADIMAP 2019: Available online from 10.10.2018

Practical Info

Dates of the International Symposium: 5-6 March 2019

Date of the ADIMAP: 7 March 2019

Languages: French and English

Duration: 3 days

Venue: Belval Campus, Luxembourg


Perspectives on the transformation of management and public organizations

The 2019 Symposium and ADIMAP will focus on the emergence of smart cities and the managerial, technological, organizational, socio-economic and geographical changes brought about by the complexity of the stakes and the challenges to be addressed concerning urban development in the future.

The tenth version of this event will be dedicated to the research and discussion of study results related to this topic.  The organizers of the Symposium particularly aim to promote a culture of discussion and debate between universities, elected representatives, practitioners and public affairs consultants, as well as a transfer of knowledge drafted scientifically for organizations for the common good, general interest and public service. Consequently, the speakers and panellists who will be retained for the 10th symposium will speak to public leaders, high-civil servants and public services professionals, private consultants involved in the process of digital transformation, doctoral students and research and teaching staff.

The work of the symposium will take place in Luxembourg at the Belval university campus, a symbolic site due to the changes it brought about in Luxembourg and the border region, which enabled the emergence of this research centre from a former industrial wasteland.

Two Luxembourgish scientific institutions will join forces for the event: the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research ( and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology ( LISER specializes in economic, social and spatial research, questioning public policies while carrying out retrospective and anticipated evaluations on the impact of these interventions in an interdisciplinary context. LIST, as a public research and technology organization particularly active in the area of information technologies and with a mandate to accelerate the socio-economic development of the country by offering its advice and expertise to national policies, and contributing in particular to bringing technological innovations with socio-economic impacts to the market. As such, LIST conducts research into the development of models, methods, software and measures for intelligent systems combining human and technological aspects.

To comprehend a city as a whole, an interdisciplinary approach is more necessary than ever, in such a way as to tackle the dynamics of the complex systems in place. The organizers of this Symposium embody this simultaneous use of approaches and invite the scientific and professional community (high-ranking officials and consultants) to strategically consider the governance of these innovative cities, including, in a broader sense, territories and municipalities and therefore also the question of suburban areas and the use of new technologies, social networks and their digitalization, or even connected services in urban areas, while having the obligation to guarantee well-being and social justice for its citizens. It is no longer the time to evaluate the diverse impacts but instead to take stock, set up frameworks and more structured research programmes, in particular to enrich the current managerial and technological tools. It will therefore be up to the contributors and participants of the 2019 Symposium to ensure this takes place. The aim of the thematic focuses suggested below is to highlight the interdisciplinary principles and complexity of the systems. Round tables and thematic workshops will be organised and more details will be communicated soon. Technology demonstrators dedicated to the themes of the International Symposium will be presented by the partner companies.

Call for papers

If you are interested, please dowload the full call for papers (583 KB).


  • Focus n°1: Public governance of Smart Cities
  • Focus n°2: Management and economics of technological infrastructures in Smart Cities
  • Focus n°3: Management and economics of Smart Cities in the spotlight of transport system modellization and mobility
  • Focus n°4: Management and economics of the technological, sectorial, territorial stakeholders and the citizens of the smart cities
  • Focus n°5: Management, economics and ethics of big data, cyber security, public freedoms and data protection of Smart Cities
  • Focus n°6: Health sector in Smart Cities
  • Focus n°7: The labour market in Smart Cities 
  • Focus n°8: Smart Cities: “Cities and the challenge of intelligence”

Important deadlines

Deadline for communication projects to be received (1,500 words) - Extended deadline: 8 October2018

Response of the Organization Committee to the authors - Extended deadline: 8 November 2018

Confirmation of the authors (participation commitment)- Extended deadline: 7 December 2018

Submission of presentation to organizers in PowerPoint format (English) - 20 February 2019

Dates of the 10th Symposium - 5 and 6 March 2019

Date of the ADIMAP - 7 March 2019


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Round Table

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