04 Jul 19 | News

Annual Report 2018

Publication of LISER's Annual Report

The presentation of the LISER 2018 Annual Report took place this year, on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at the Belval site, within the Maison des Sciences Humaines.

Prof. Aline Muller, Director General, delivered the opening speech in which she mentioned that the Board of administration entrusted LISER with rich and audacious strategic orientations since 2016. To implement them, LISER has been transformed, restructured and strengthened. These profound transformations have been achieved thanks to LISER's internal strengths and a remarkable collaboration with the Board of administration who guided it with kindness and determination. Following the introductory word, different presentations followed. Anne-Catherine Guio presented her project on child deprivation in the EU. Finally, Mrs. Nicole Kerschen, President of the LISER Board of Administration, gave a closing speech detailing the missions carried out by the Board throughout its mandate.

LISER, 2019, Rapports d'activités, 76 p.