06 Sep 19 | News

Luxembourg’s Minister for Higher Education and Research visits LISER

M. Claude Meisch meets with LISER researchers working toward a knowledge-based society

On 5 September, the Minister for Higher Education and Research M. Claude Meisch met with junior and senior LISER researchers to learn more about the activities of the Institute.

Welcomed by Aline Muller (LISER CEO), Aline presented the strategic transformation of the Institute and of its activities. Together they support LISER's mission of undertaking fundamental and applied research in social sciences that aim to advance knowledge, inform society and support public policy at national and international levels. 

Following the welcome, the Minister was able to have fruitful exchange with researchers. 

Firstly, five junior researchers presented their research work; Camille Perchoux, Antoine Paccoud, Denisa Sologon, Joël Machado and Michal Burzynski.

Secondly, three senior researchers shared insights on the future of the knowledge-based society in Luxembourg; they included: Frédéric Docquier, Philippe Gerber and Eric Marlier