12 Feb 20 | News

Survey on public transport satisfaction in Luxembourg

LISER has launched an online survey that will run between February 11th and 29th, sponsored partly by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the University of Luxembourg.

When we know that the number of cross-border workers has exceeded  200,000, and to this we add that of Luxembourg residents who also commute to their workplace, we can easily imagine the scale of traffic on the road network of the country, and more particularly around the capital.

To try to alleviate this problem, the Luxembourg Government is active and invests in numerous P + R parking lots, new bus and tram lines, cycling infrastructure, or even the implementation of free public transport from March 1, 2020 onwards. Transport systems and mobility are thus evolving rapidly in Luxembourg. But are those who are experiencing these changes, passively or actively, whether resident or cross-border, satisfied with this mobility in general, and with public transport in particular?

Participation in the survey is anonymous. The 30 questions in the survey are organised into three main parts, namely:

  1. current travel behaviour
  2. satisfaction with public transport
  3. the future intention to use public transport.

This survey is different but also complementary to those already carried out on the territory (Border Mobility Survey in 2010-2011 and the 2017 LuxMobil in Luxembourg, etc.), because it seeks to estimate a level of satisfaction with public transport and mobility in the country.

This survey is aimed at the entire population (over 16 years old), whether workers, students, pensioners or high school students, for both Luxembourg and cross-border residents.

The more responses, the more reliable the results. Answering this questionnaire should take a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Survey website: