24 Feb 20 | News

First LISER-IAB Conference on Digital Transformation and the Future of Work held on February 13 & 14

LISER welcomed researchers in economics, management and sociology from 15 countries to exchange research results


On February 13 & 14, LISER and the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) were pleased to host the ‘1st LISER-IAB Conference on Digital Transformation and the Future of Work’. The objective of the conference was to bring together researchers in economics, management and sociology to discuss their more recent research related to digital transformation and the future of work. Welcomed by Luxembourg’s Minister Delegate for Digitalisation, Marc Hansen, the minister’s speech highlighted the important consequences of digitalisation on Luxembourg’s labour market.

"We are undeniably facing a paradigm shift. Our society, our business models and many of our habits are changing. The world of work is no exception. […] The challenge now is to make digital an opportunity for all by providing the tools, skills and jobs to those who need it most." 
- Marc Hansen, Minister Delegate for Digitalisation

More than 60 participants, including students, researchers and experts, attended the two-day event. With 30 presentations selected from a call-for-papers, and 3 keynote lectures from well-known researchers (Anna Salomons from Utrecht University, Tobias Kretschmer from University of Munich and Philipp Kircher from EUI & University of Edinburgh), researchers showcased theoretical, qualitative and empirical contributions. The participants then had the opportunity to share their work in a constructive environment, as well as to exchange the results of their recent research regarding digital transformation.

In concluding the conference, a round table entitled “The impacts of digital transformations on skills requested on the labour market and solutions in terms of training and regulation” was organised and open to the public. 

Panelists included:
Alain de Muyser, Secrétariat Général Benelux, Secrétaire Général
Vassil Kirov, ISSK, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor in Sociology
Frédéric Krier, OGBL, Independent Trade Union Confederation of Luxembourg, Member of the Executive Board
Mathilde Leré, IMS Luxembourg-Inspiring More Sustainability, Project Manager, FSE Info Flow Savvy
Cecile Mazourine,  PWC Luxembourg, Project Manager, Skills Expander 
Véronique Schaber, Luxembourg Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, Head of Vocational Training Service
Moderator of the Roundtable:
Sarah Mellouet, Idea, Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg

Further topics of interest of the conference included:

Working tasks · Skills · Income and wage Inequalities · Employment volume · Well-being · Workplace organization · Market and Institutions · Gig economy · Crowd working · Online labor markets · Education and training systems