30 Mar 20 | News

Completion of first Luxembourg Household Economics and Labor workshop

LISER’s workshop discussed household labor supply, time use, and consumption in a variety of state-of-the-art theoretical and empirical contexts.


March 5-6: LISER held its first Household Economics and Labor workshop as part of its ongoing project ‘TIMING’ on household time use funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR). Gathering 60+ participants over a two-day period, the objective of the workshop was to create stimulating interactions between senior and junior researchers working at the intersection of household economics, labor economics, and time.

The workshop kicked-off with a much-awaited keynote by Professor Sir Richard Blundell who presented “Household Behavior and the Dynamics of Inequality” and concluded with a highly anticipated keynote by Professor Michele Tertilt entitled “Status Externalities and Fertility in Korea”. Within these esteemed contributions were twelve presentations from talented researchers (full list). Together they had the opportunity to share their work and exchange results in state-of-the-art household and labor economics in the broad sense.

Workshop organisers Sam Cosaert and Alexandros Theloudis wished to express the following: 

“Household economics is an very active research area internationally. It concerns, among other things, the allocation of resources in the household, women’s bargaining power, child development, poverty, inequality and much more. We are privileged to have a small team of researchers here in Luxembourg to work in this area. Our aim is to expand the team, generate economies of scale, and gradually establish LISER as a world leader in the field. Our first Luxembourg Household Economics workshop attests to this ambition.”