28 Apr 20 | News

Video: Sir Richard Blundell Discusses Household Behaviour and the Dynamics of Inequality

The renowned professor shares insights on inequalities, the upcoming IFS Deaton Review as well as the impact of Brexit on inequality in the UK.

As part of the ‘Household Economics and Labor Workshop’ held on March 5-6, Professor Sir Richard Blundell (University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies) was invited for an interview following his Keynote address entitled “Household Behavior and the Dynamics of Inequality”.

LISER researcher Alexandros Theloudis sat down with Richard Blundell and asked a few pertinent questions on inequalities in society today. They are:

  1. Large part of your research revolves around inequality. Is inequality a more pressing problem today than it was 50 or 100 years back?
    2. What are the new dimensions of inequality in the 21st century?
    3. Some people argue than not all inequalities are bad. How much inequality should society tolerate, if any at all?
    4. Together with colleagues at the IFS, you launched the Deaton Review with the aim to understand inequality in Britain and abroad. How is the Deaton Review different from previous endeavors in the past?
    5. How do you expect Britain’s exit from the European Union to impact inequality in the UK? And in the EU?

About the ‘Household Economics and Labor Workshop’
Gathering 60+ participants over a two-day period, the objective of the workshop was to create stimulating interactions between senior and junior researchers working at the intersection of household economics, labor economics, and time.
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