10 Feb 21 | News

LISER organised the 2021 InGRID2 Online Winter School on ‘Recent advances in poverty and inequality research’ January 25-29

25 PhD students and junior researchers from 13 countries attended online trainings

From January 25th to the 29th, LISER held the 2021 Online Winter School on ‘recent advances in poverty and inequality research’ which aimed to advance knowledge and expertise of early career researchers and PhD students in some of the most recent developments in the field of poverty and inequality research. In particular, it provided lectures making use of state-of-the-art methodologies such as machine learning, and distributional national accounts or survey experiments. Out of more than 100 applicants, 25 young researchers from 13 countries were selected.

The winter school was organised in three teaching block within which the instructors presented their research in a public seminar format and then thoroughly discussed details of implementation (concept/data/methods) in masterclasses opened to the selected participants. The three courses were delivered by:

  • Prof. Facundo Alvaredo (Paris School of Economics, INET and IIEP-UBA-CONICET), with Senior researcher Marc Morgan (World Inequality Lab-Paris School of Economics), on Distributional National Accounts: An assessment of methods and estimates from
  • Prof. Paolo Brunori (University of Firenze and University of Bari), on Machine learning and inequality research;
  • Prof. Johanna Möllerström (George Mason University), on Understanding preferences for redistribution – experimental designs;

At the end of the five-day training session, participants were invited to give presentations in two parallel session attended by LISER staff on the topics of ‘Preferences for redistribution and poverty’ and ‘Multidimensional inequality and wealth’.

Alessio Fusco (LISER), Philippe Van Kerm (Université du Luxembourg and LISER) and Axelle Depireux (LISER) thank the speakers for their great contributions and all attendees for their participation and engagement in this online event!

Discover the programme and more details about the Winter School here.

About InGRID-2

This winter school was part of the ’poverty and living conditions pillar’ of InGRID-2, a large research infrastructure aimed at integrating existing research resources in the area of ‘Advanced labour studies.  It analyses the future development of work organisation, employer practices and skills analysis’ by organising mutual knowledge exchange activities and improving methods and tools for comparative research on quality of work, skills analysis and evolution of social dialogue. This integration provides the related European scientific community with new and better opportunities to fulfil its key role in the development of evidence-based European policies for Inclusive Growth.