28 Jun 21 | News

The European Union Council of Ministers decides to establish a European Child Guarantee

A research coordinated by LISER informed the European Commission’s proposal for this major EU initiative

On 14 June 2021, the EU Council of Ministers (EPSCO) adopted the Recommendation establishing a European Child Guarantee proposed by the European Commission. The recommendation should help to prevent and combat poverty and social exclusion of children by guaranteeing children in need:

- effective and free access to early childhood, education and care (ECEC); education and school-based activities; at least one healthy meal each school day; and healthcare; as well as
- effective access to healthy nutrition and adequate housing.

As part of the guarantee, the 27 EU Member States will have to nominate a national Child Guarantee coordinator and to submit to the Commission, within nine months, an action plan covering the period until 2030 to implement the recommendation. This recommendation and related EU commitments represent a major step forward.

LISER was in charge of the scientific coordination of the first and second Feasibility Studies for a Child Guarantee. These studies provide detailed information on the situation of children in the EU Member States and concrete recommendations to implement the above key social rights, for different groups of children in need. The second one also includes an estimation of the main expected costs of the implementation of the guarantee for each Member State.
Discover an expanded summary of the second Feasibility Study for a Child Guarantee here.

At the Commission’s European Child Guarantee web-page, you will find the Council Recommendation adopted on 14 June, the two full Feasibility Studies, and other thematic documents.

Learn more about LISER’s research analyses for the proposal here