25-26 November 2021

2nd (LIS)2ER workshop - Policies to Fight Inequality: The Case of Work-life Reconciliation and Family Policies


The Cross-national Data Center LIS and LISER convene the second international scientific workshop in the realm of the (LIS)2ER initiative.

In this workshop we address “The Case of Work-life Reconciliation and Family Policies”, a theme which lies at the intersection of the labour market, families and households and early years of child development. Family policies are crucial in easing the often-competing responsibilities between work and family when young children are present. Acknowledging the diversity of policies and research studying the how, why, and what of these entitlements this workshop will focus on two interrelated family policies: provision of care for young children and parental leave. It will discuss inequalities as causes and consequences at three levels: inequalities in access due to eligibility rules, inequalities in use due to (un)affordability of the right, and unintended consequences of the given right. Against this background, this workshop aims to offer a space to discuss novel insights on inequalities related to work-life reconciliation policies, to present LIS data as source for comparative research, and provide scholars whose work captures inequalities within the scope of work-life reconciliation policies with an opportunity to unite and exchange ideas.

Practical information

The workshop will take place from Thursday November 25th mid-day through Friday November 26th mid-afternoon. It will consist of 8 invited contributions. Thursday evening, a keynote lecture will be delivered by Rense Nieuwenhuis (Stockholm University). A policy roundtable, lead by Margaret O’Brian (UCL), will take place Friday early afternoon.

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