18 Mar 22 | News Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg, Luxembourg
24 March 2022

Roundtable on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine & the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

Registrations are now open! The event will take place from 18:00 onwards on March 24th at the Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Photos © Michel Brumat

As the war in Ukraine is raging, a massive flow of Ukrainian refugees is now heading towards European Union countries. Despite the outpouring of solidarity, this massive flow raises important challenges in terms of reception, accommodation and integration. Given the urgency of the situation, LISER is organising a roundtable. It will gather academic scholars, field experts and policymakers to raise awareness and improve understanding of the implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugee inflows for European economies in general, and Luxembourg in particular.

Roundtable presentations and discussions will be held in English and French, and animated by Annick Goerens (RTL). The event will take place from 18:00 onwards on March 24th at the Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg, Luxembourg.


18h00-18h20: Context
• Professor Massimo Morelli (Bocconi University) on the effectiveness of economic sanctions and their implications for European economies and conflict duration

18h20-18h40: Global and European perspectives
Dr. Caglar Ozden (World Bank, Co-Director of the forthcoming World Development Report on Voluntary and Forced Migration) on the consequences of the Ukrainian refugee crisis from a worldwide and historical perspectives
Dr. Joël Machado (LISER), joint with Lucas Guichard (LISER) and Jean-François Maystadt (UCLouvain) on the distribution of Ukrainian refugees: preliminary estimates using standard allocation keys
Professor Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics and LISER) on economists’ reflections on a better allocation scheme that combines refugees and host countries’ preferences

18h40 -19h10: Roundtable Luxembourg perspective
Mr. Minister Jean Asselborn (Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Minister of Immigration and Asylum) on how Luxembourg is confronted with the refugee crisis and prepared for larger inflows
Mr. Sergio Ferreira (ASTI) on the many challenges in hosting and accommodating the growing flows of Ukrainians and other refugees in Luxembourg
Mr. Charles Margues (Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg) on the challenges of integration policies and regularisation processes

19h10-19h30: Q&A debate 

From 19h30: Drink-Cocktail