08 Apr 22 | News

Luxembourg residents invited to take a survey on housing and living conditions in Luxembourg

Support scientific research by participating in a survey and earn up to 50 EUR in Letzshop vouchers

The Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research (LISER) invites Luxembourg residents to take a 10-15 minutes survey on the real estate market in the Grand-Duchy.  The ongoing survey is available in English, German and French languages and will conclude on May 22. Participants will have the opportunity to answer a short questionnaire to help researchers better understand how residents perceive the housing market and how it translates to other policies.

Volunteers participating in the survey do not need any special skills. They will simply be asked to answer questions (completely anonymized) about housing markets as well as be asked their opinion about several housing and tax related issues.

To compensate volunteers for their time and effort, they will earn rewards throughout the study and have the option to participate in a lottery. Participants can earn up to EUR 50 in gift cards by Letzshop.

Please note: Once the study begins, it must be done entirely (cannot be paused to resume later).  If users decide not to finish the questionnaire, their data will be deleted and they will not receive any monetary compensation. For ease, it is recommended to use a computer or large tablet/smartphone. Only one participation per person is possible.

The research behind the survey:

Led by LISER researcher Sofie Waltl, the non-sampling survey is part of a housing study from the project ASSESS (Are People Aware of their (Housing) Wealth ? Assessing Owner-Estimated Home Values in Survey and Experimental Data). Funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), the project will examine general human behaviour and hence increase overall knowledge about the influence of certain psychological biases in the context of housing markets.

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