25 Jul 22 | News

Meet a researcher

Gaspare Tortorici

Labour Market Department

I am an applied microeconomist whose interests lie at the crossroads between economic history, the economics of migration, and innovation. Italian by birth, European by culture, I have spent the best part of the last 10 years studying, teaching, and doing research abroad.

I have always been fascinated by the interaction of past and present because "l’incompréhension du présent nait fatalement de l’ignorance du passé. Mais il n’est peut-être pas moins vain de s’épuiser à comprendre le passé, si l’on ne sait rien du présent." Marc Bloch, Apologie pour l'histoire ou métier d'historien

Since I joined LISER as a Research Associate in January 2021, I have engaged in three equally fruitful themes - together with my co-authors.  As far as migration-oreinted research is concerned, I have analysed the consequences of natural disasters on migration patterns, as well as the dynamics of self-selection among men and women migrants. In terms of innovation, I have quantified the role of technology transfers from Britain to France during the Industrial Revolution. I am also assessing what skills are particularly sought-after in Luxembourg and its bordering countries using the universe of job vacancies posted online since 2018.

In the medium run, I see myself contributing to LISER's research environment while publishing papers on well-reputed international Economics and Economic History journals. In the longer run, I wish to continue working for a leading research institute or university.