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Residential Housing Markets: Perceptions and Measurement

On 14-16th September 2022, a three-day workshop brought together international researchers working on issues related to residential housing markets making use of diverse data sources. 
What do we actually measure when assessing housing sales and rent prices? The outcome of a market matching processes truly driven by supply and demand?
Observed prices are also affected by policies in place, e.g., rent control or policies supporting home-ownership, hampering international comparisons, as well as measurement issues whenever relying on “close-to-market-prices” originating from appraisals, advertisements or surveys. Better understanding the type and source of bias potentially inherent in such data may, however, also provide additional opportunities for researchers to measure beliefs and attitudes affecting the person providing the data.
The keynote speaker was Prof. Sumit Agarwal, Low Tuck Kwong Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Business School and a Professor of Economics and Real Estate at the National University of Singapore.  He is also the Managing Director of Sustainable and Green Finance Institute at NUS. Sumit Agarwal’s research interests include issues relating to household sustainablity, financial institutions, household finance, behavioral finance, and real estate markets.
The program chair was Sofie Waltl. She holds positions as Postdoctoral Researcher at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) and as Assistant Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). Her research interests include issues relating to applied economics, economic measurement, housing markets, behavioural economics, inequality and distribution.
A touristic part, that invited participants to :
  1. A guided tour in which they explored Belval, the City of Science
  2. A sightseeing tour to the Moselle region, accompanied by a local wine tasting and a typical dinner.

The workshop benefits from funding by the FNR Luxembourg National Research Fund, CORE Grant No. 3886 (ASSESS).

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